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“PARINTS was created as an answer to the frustration felt by nurses attempting to minister to infertile couples in a busy medical office. We offer several different ways to successfully collaborate with our clinical team. We would pose this question: Do your patients want to become parents and can you provide that extra attention in your current setting?”

Becky Kubala, R.N.
Executive Director

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our website and for giving us the opportunity to share the PARINTS story with you. We offer physicians the opportunity to work with experienced infertility nurses, and at the same time, provide personalized attention to couples within a program fashioned on a holistic model.

P.A.R.I.N.T.S. Infertility Management LLC is currently the only program in the country devoted solely to the nursing care of the infertile couple and based away from the hospital or medical center setting. This facility is the base for patient contact, ultrasound evaluation, and medical procedures that can be performed by Registered Nurses.

Anyone can refer themselves or be referred by friends or their attending physician, and managed in an environment that is comfortable and nurturing. Physically designed to resemble a bed and breakfast, this environment enables patients to be guided through the evaluation process and treatment plan in a systematic fashion. Although the infertility process is wrought with stress, most express that this environment had a positive effect on them.

Each stage of the journey toward a successful outcome will be supported by personalized attention. If referrals to adoption, or other specialists are needed, we assist them with that process. The program improves the quality of time spent in a highly stressful experience by providing privacy, support, education, and competent care.

It also allows the physician to provide care without the burden impacting his/her office staff, schedule or budget. The staff is highly trained and familiar with all the needs of struggling couples; and several have personally experienced infertility.

If indicated, we counsel on stress reduction, health improvement, and general well being prior to pregnancy. We offer instruction on temperature charts, normal cycles, drug indications with uses and side effects, and drug administration. We will evaluate temperature charts, mucous and bleeding patterns, and then suggest what steps are needed in order to improve success. Ultrasounds (transvaginal, abdominal and antral follicle counts), and intrauterine inseminations are performed in our facility.

We provide care seven days a week, with Sundays and holidays requiring twenty-four notice. We’d be happy to discuss a potential collaboration with PARINTS. Please call (314) 993-2340 to speak to Becky Kubala, R.N., Executive Director or email her at

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What your Colleagues are Saying

Physicians have discovered that working with PARINTS provides better patient care and creates efficiencies in time, money, and staffing. Here’s what they say:
  • “This concept creates the perfect combination of physician involvement with staff dedicated to couples in need. Treatment, education and support by qualified staff are essential to patient care. Thank you for all your hard work”

    Physician 6
  • “I appreciate all that you do for me and my patients”

    Physician 5
  • “Support, education and treatment by your qualified staff in a comfortable setting is an ideal combination for my patients.”

    Physician 4
  • “You have done everything to create a nurturing atmosphere to infertile couples which hopefully will decrease their stress during a very trying time.”

    Physician 3
  • “Working with a staff dedicated to infertility ensures more personalized attention to my patients and what I want for them.”

    Physician 2
  • “You gave me the opportunity to provide infertility care without an increase to my daily overhead”

    Physician 1
Our goal is to assist patients in the infertility journey by providing exceptional care in an ideal environment.