Welcome to PARINTS

Thank you for visiting our Website and for giving us the opportunity to share the PARINTS story with you. First of all, we hope that our “home” can take away some of the stress involved with visiting or calling your busy doctor’s office. We will make every effort to render outrageous service, personalized attention,
and quality nursing care.

If needed, we counsel on stress reduction, health improvement, and general well being prior to pregnancy. We offer instruction on temperature charts, normal cycles, drug indications with uses and side effects, and drug administration. We evaluate temperature charts, mucous and bleeding patterns, and we suggest what steps are needed in order to improve timing and reach a successful outcome. When requested by our physicians, ultrasounds and inseminations are performed here in our facility.

We strive to be there emotionally for patients and attempt to meet their pressing needs. Through our support, you can receive the extra instruction, education, loving care, compassion, and encouragement you deserve.
All nursing functions and procedures are discussed with you firsthand and performed through physician order. If you have insurance coverage and are working with one of our contracted physicians, all billing is handled through their office. If your insurance doesn’t offer benefits for infertility we will bill you directly. We have focused on keeping our costs
as low as possible.

We like to be thought of as the “home” away from your doctor’s office; we work as an extension of his/her office.
The information on this website should answer many of the questions you may have about us. If you have other questions and/or concerns, please feel free to call anytime. We hope to establish a positive, supportive relationship with you in the future.

We want to assist you in your journey. Call (314) 993-2340 or click here to contact us.

Best wishes,
Becky Kubala, R.N.
Executive Director

How you Benefit

infertility help st louis

Our mission is to take infertility care to a heightened level of personal attention. Technical ability in St. Louis is exceptional, but you can never have too much privacy, care, and compassion. We work with dozens of physicians in the area to provide exceptional care at an affordable price. The staff is highly motivated to help you succeed; our goal is to support you medically and emotionally.

  • Qualified care including weekends and holidays
  • Privacy and caring attention
  • Proper information: educational and emotional support
  • The opportunity to stay with your doctor of choice and still receive quality infertility care
  • An increased comfort level
  • A team approach
  • Understanding that this situation puts you in a position of heightened response to all things
  • Dedication to the goal of achieving success whether that is through pregnancy, adoption, or the final choice to remain childless
  • Appropriate referrals to other specialists

Emotional Support

infetility support

As we continue to provide optimal care for our patients, we strongly encourage you to find your strength. An excellent resource, and a favorite author is Alice Domar PhD: her book, “Healing Mind Healthy Woman” should be in your bag of tools to survive infertility.

Many of our patients have found meditation, exercise, acupuncture and support groups to be a benefit to their overall sense of wellness. Focusing on being in your best physical health can translate into improved emotional health. We encourage you to empower yourself with the tools necessary to relieve stress, gain emotional control, and create a more positive environment for pregnancy.

There are excellent resources for emotional support in St. Louis; check out our LINKS.

Our goal is to assist you in your infertility journey by providing exceptional care in an ideal environment.