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For Men and Women

  • Limit caffeine: There are suggestions of associated risks of miscarriage when women consume more than 8 ounces of caffeinated drinks per day. Men can have caffeine but need to watch the dehydrating effects. Water is best for everyone.
  • Alcohol consumption should be very limited, with research showing that anything over four alcoholic drinks per week can be detrimental: implantation is diminished, sperm count and motility are negatively impacted, and sexual dysfunction can occur. There are numerous studies linking alcohol to birth defects and low birth weight.
  • Smoking is a documented detriment to sperm production and ovulation. The circulation is lessened creating blood flow issues to reproductive organs. Sperm quality is worsened because nicotine is excreted in semen; eggs are lesser quality and implantation is more difficult. Birth defects and miscarriage are also increased. Avoid all recreational drugs as they have a significant negative impact on fertility as well.
  • Laptop computers resting in your lap can increase the temperature of your pelvis; use a cooling pad or desktop. Keep that safe distance. (Probably even more so for the men)
  • Try to support each other through this hard time and communicate to reduce the stress level. Make your needs known to the medical staff.
  • Intercourse every other day between cycle days 10-20 or according to specific instructions. Counts will be improved by more frequent ejaculations– long abstinence will increase the volume of semen, but also the number of nonmotile sperm and debris content.
  • Do not use lubricant with intercourse as it can trap sperm; even saliva can introduce bacteria. If you must have a personal lubricant, PreSeed is allowed.

For Women

  • No high impact exercise. Walking is the best for you! Excessive exercise will alter your cycle causing alterations in hormone levels and increase the length of time required to become pregnant.
  • This is not a good time to follow a low fat diet. The body needs fat to properly utilize estrogen, an important component to our cycle development. We need you to be a healthy weight.
  • Daily low-dose aspirin (81 mg.) has been suggested to improve the implantation process, unless you have medical problems preventing the use of aspirin.
  • Prenatal vitamins

For Men

infertility tips for men
  • Sperm do not like heat, so hot tubs, saunas, and overheating with exercise are to be avoided. Keep sperm specimens at body temperature: not too hot and not too cold.
  • Protect your body during exercise; trauma to the testicles can increase the chance for inflammation.
  • Boxer shorts possibly increase the count by keeping the temperature of the testicles lower–again that aversion to heat that sperm have.
  • Daily multivitamin; sperm love zinc and selenium
  • We need you to be a healthy weight; gaining abdominal fat can slow sperm due to hormonal changes and an increase in heat to the pelvis.
Our goal is to assist you in your infertility journey by providing exceptional care in an ideal environment.